Top Hotel Problems

Impress Your Hotel Guests by Paying Attention to This Critical Fact

As we all know, most of the hotel guests’ time is spent in their rooms, but have you ever considered the fact you are about to know? Actually, I was surprised as a hospitality market researcher, how about you?

Sondos Has made a market research study to help hotel decision makers in Middle East, as based on 7,000 guest experience survey responses across Middle East, Sondos found that 9 of the top 10 hotel problems were directly related to the hotel room, which is 40.3% of the total hotel problems listed below:

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Realizing the above fact requires you to stop wasting your time and money and instead, focus on what your guests want as to be well-prepared for full occupancy.

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By: Ibrahim Al Bawaliz

Sondos Market Research